Business and Economics: complete

Yesterday I saw Hilke and An, which means that the exchange students from Business and Economics in Leuven are complete now. It was great to see some other Belgians than my parents.

Today I will move everything to my room, which really is a lot. Tomorrow is the big day then: moving in and my first volleyball training here in Uppsala. Yes I did find a team to train with and maybe I could play also some league games with them. But that has to be decided elsewhere (concerning transfer troubles etc.). The team I will be training with is called Uppsala VBS and they play just under the "Elitserien", the top league here in Sweden. I am so excited! Just look at the training hall.

I already told you a bit about yesterday, but I still have a lot more to tell you about it! I went together with my parents to Öregrund, a really pitoresk harbour village up north, about a 1h30 drive from Uppsala. We were really lucky going there yesterday. Last century Öregrund was known to be a great place to relax and yesterday there were all sorts of activities reminding about that period.

In three days the festivities/activities will start here. Finally...


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