Stockholm and paperwork!

Stockholm... what a city! One day is really too short to visit everything there is to see. So we just went to the Royal Palace, which is really magnificent and the Vasa ship. If you can call it a "ship", since it sank after only 1300 metres. Oh well, it managed to sail for more than a km so that's already nice. No wonder that it sank, it is really so big. It's really becoming time that I ll get my bike (probably picking it up tomorrow) since my feet are tired of getting me from A to B, over and over again.

Today I had to fill out a lot of papers, I was ca. 1h15 inside Guvå's office, and still not everything is ok. But after all it was a fertile day. Paid my rent, got my P-number (which is wrong, it says that I am born on January 3rd instead of the 9th, but after all it's just a number), applied for the Swedish language course (which makes that I will have a stunning 9 hours of college the first month ;)). Six more days and I will be all on my own. Looking forward to it.

Postat av: Dominiek


Looks like you have had a very boring day, filling out all those papers... But at the other side, you've visited Stockholm! Now I'm jealouse, i've only passed through Stockholm, and I was enjoying it...

Today I've helped while rebuilding the 3the floor, now it's starting to look like a real room. I'm happy to hear everything works out so far.

Hopefully you will manage to keep it that way! But of course, you'll always do...

Lots of love and kisses...


2008-08-14 @ 21:26:40

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