Swedish bureaucracy and my room

Yesterday was so hectic! First of all I went to the Ekonomikum to meet Tomas Guvå. He really is a great prof. I got my addmittance letter from him so that I could go to a bank top open an account. The first two didn't want me to open an account though, because I am only staying here for 5 months. What a stupid reason. After all I found one, but I had to get a residency permit. So off to the town hall (about a 10min walk). There they told me that it was not their job, that I had to go to the Immigration Office. Only problem: it's about a 30min walk (walking could be understand as almost running..). Once arrived at the office, I had to fill out a paper, wait about an hour and get back. Luckily it didn't rain. So after all, I got my account, even though it took me about 4 hours in total. And oh yeah, we also managed to get me a bike.

Today I went to IKEA to get my pillow and quilt and we also had dinner there. It was the first time in my life that I entered an IKEA (shame on me indeed), but at least I did it in Sweden. Afterwards we went to Flogsta and I got my keys already! The room is really great. Pictures of it are on there way (check facebook!), soon. In the afternoon I also visited the Uni's main building, which has a really pretty auditorium!

About tomorrow: visiting Stockholm then. I really am curious about it!

Postat av: Dominiek


while reading your adventures, a big smile appears on my face... I'm happy you're enjoying your trip. I've never thought I would miss you that soon. Okay, okay, I know we talk on msn like usual... but, it's different. But now enough melodrama. I wish you luck on your journey, hope to hear from you soon!



2008-08-14 @ 19:33:49

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