Finally it's summer-time! But the way I am feeling is getting all messed up though. Wanting to leave vs. wanting to stay here: there really is a fierce battle going on in my life! There is only one way to solve this: getting fysically really exhausted. Thursday I went for my first powertraining with my new team and the conclusion is: really good mates, powertraining is killing me. So I also often go out for a nice bike ride and so on..

Today I probably did visit Leuven for the last time until January or so. It really was a great day. I did find a picture of all my student mates (it is half of 2nd bachelor Economics at the KUL), finally. I will miss you guys! In 11 days I will be shouting: "Uppsala, here I come!", but not to loud, I really don't want to wake up the entire neighbourhood at around 4 am.

Stop raining!

I am really getting sick of all this rain we are having the last... month or so. Today we are experiencing a classic "drash national" (for those who don't know: July 21 is our national holiday). Hopefully it will get better soon!
Tomorrow I will be attending the Gentse Feesten, hopefully the weather will be better there :).

I already do know some words in Swedish, could you imagine? I do am quite proud of myself! Ironing clothes also works fine too! So I am almost set to go.

Oh and a personal note: thank you Carole for helping me out this much! You really are the best buddy I could have wished for!

It is getting close

Less than 3 weeks and I will be gone! Around now I will be arriving in Linköping hopefully. But right now I am just preparing everything to go!

I studied my first lesson Swedish on Wednesday, just a few pages starting to read. Took we like an hour to finally start to speak some decent Swedish! Not so simple at all. Today I went to the dentist, teeth must be fine before leaving huh?
I really do need to get asleep not so late as the latest time, otherwise I won't be able to adapt at all I am afraid.. But everything will be fine..

This week-end I will be visiting my grandparents for maybe the final time until my departure...


Today I am finally staying home for the couple of weeks that separate me from my departure. My parents are very happy that they are finally seeing me again for some time, since most of the time I am away..

Yesterday I started to work on my condition again, it  really was necessary! I biked from Leuven to Grimbergen, it was around 30km and did it in 1h10, not so bad after all. Maybe that I will be going to the fitness to do some power training too in the weeks to come... We shall see (meaning: probably I won't).

The goodbye party I gave on Saturday was fine, in the sence that a goodbye party can be fine. I really enjoyed it and realized that I am going to miss my friends like hell. But after all I know that I am going to experience the time of my life in Uppsala! Hopefully the weather there will be a bit better than here, I am starting to hate the rain etc!


It's still 28 days away, my departure to Uppsala. Everything is set, I hope... Today I am still staying at Leuven, but going home in an hour or so. Then I will come back on Saturday to give a goodbye-party to my friends at our student room "complex". I think that I will miss this the most of all, except for my parents then. The atmosphere here at RML is just great! I will miss the parties, the talking, just my entire life here! In February I will be back, so no worries ;).

Yesterday I talked with a friend who also went away with the Erasmus Exchange Program for a couple of months. And she felt the same way I did! The closer you get to the day of departure, the less you really want to go! But this is just something I have to deal with, I am leaving for Uppsala on August 7, for sure! Why? Because this is what I have been working for, for 2 years now. And everybody who came back told me it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I have got to go now, my parents are coming in an hour or so and I still have a lot of cleaning up to do...

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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