Big day coming ahead

Well tomorrow is my first big day since my arrival into Uppsala. I will need to go to the Ekonomikum, the International Office, go to Swedbank opening a bank account... It's really an awful lot to do in just one day.

Most of all I was getting stressed out about my study program here, but normally it will be fine. Tomorrow I will know for sure, i hope... Oh by the way, understanding Swedish, or just knowing what they say: how is it possible? When reading something I mostly know what it is saying, but understanding the talking: oh no!!! But I managed to order a waffle and a coffee with milk today in Swedish. I am kinda proud of myself.

Today I went also to Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala). It's really great to see the old city, especially today since there was a show going on starring some Vikings. Another trip today was to Flogsta, where I will be staying soon. It really is a great building, but there was no one around today. This will change in September I think when we will be staying there with more than 3000 students.

A message to everybody who thinks that Sweden has no hillclimbs: you are totally wrong. Going to the University librabry,  to Uppsala Castle or to the University building there are climbs that are much longer and at least as steep as the famous Ramberg (friends from Leuven will know how this must be). Well at least my condition will improve here.


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