On my way: finally

This is it. Finally on my way to Uppsala. Today was the first day of our three day trip to Sweden. I saw four (!) countries today: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and finally Denmark. This evening we will be staying for the night in Rødbyhavn, just in Denmark.

Today was really exhausting: leaving my place at 5:20 in the morning, driving like this: Antwerpen - Duisburg - Bremen - Hamburg - Lübeck - Puttgaarden. In Puttgaarden we finally took the ferry to Rødbyhavn (which was really great). So arrival time: 16:15.

Tomorrow we will be setting off at around 9:00, maybe sooner. The plan for then is: Rødyhavn - Copenhagen - Malmö - Helsingborg - Jonköping - Linköping. So I will be arriving in Sweden, finally!! I have been looking forward to this for so long!! And for now: it just feels great!

But after all, I will miss you guys!  See you next year ;).


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