This is it

Today around noon I took my first steps in Uppsala! And what a city! Something I never experienced before. I also have my Swedish cellphone number, if you are interested in having it just ask. For everybody back home, my other number is still active as well. So if you want to text me, just send it to the number you guys have!

So I also met Carole today, a really great girl and the best buddy an exchange student can imagine. I also saw the main university building today and of course the cathedral, which is really dominating Uppsala. I also took a walk to the Ekonomikum and tried to reach Flogsta, which is where I will be staying from the 18th of August onwards, but it really is too far to reach on foot, surely when you are already a bit tired.

So what's next on the agenda? Going to Flogsta tomorrow, by bus or by car off course.  I will also take a look at some bikeshops, they won't be open but at least I will know there location. Monday I will also be going to a bank, open an account there and off course going to visit Tomas Guvå, my coordinator here.

Oh by the way, something to make you guys jealous: the weather is really fine to be so up north. And for the male gender: there are really a lot of blonde girls here!

On the terras you see on the right we had dinner this evening. If you intend to visit Uppsala someday, go there!


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