Uppsala so far!

I am so sorry for neglecting my blog! I just didn't have the time to update it. I will be trying to have a quite long story right now, but if somebody's calling me, I will just update it was when they call me.

I already can say you guys one thing: coming to Uppsala as an international student has been the best thing I have already done in my entire life! It is so nice to meet so many new people, to get to know a lot of different cultures and of course to receive invitations to go abroad when the 5 months will have passed. I can already go to Turkey, Texas and Perth!

So you might be wondering: classes didn't start yet, what is he doing then the entire time? Well we get up around noon, make breakfast, go to some boring meetings where they tell us everything we already heard for a zillion times, we get back to Flogsta, start looking at which nation there is a party and then we are off, after having prepared a great dinner off course.<

Oh Tuesday I will have my first lecture here, all in Swedish though. I will also have 2 exams where the questions will be in Swedish, but I can answer in English and use a dictionary. I will be a heavy semester, taking 30 ECTS credits for my courses in Leuven and an additional 7,5 ECTS for the Swedish language course AND an additional 7,5 ECTS for a course that seems very interesting: "Global Challenges & Sustainable Futures".

Oh I also joined a nation: Snerikes nation. Snerikes is short for Södermanlands - Nerikes. But more info in my next update about this!


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