Today I am finally staying home for the couple of weeks that separate me from my departure. My parents are very happy that they are finally seeing me again for some time, since most of the time I am away..

Yesterday I started to work on my condition again, it  really was necessary! I biked from Leuven to Grimbergen, it was around 30km and did it in 1h10, not so bad after all. Maybe that I will be going to the fitness to do some power training too in the weeks to come... We shall see (meaning: probably I won't).

The goodbye party I gave on Saturday was fine, in the sence that a goodbye party can be fine. I really enjoyed it and realized that I am going to miss my friends like hell. But after all I know that I am going to experience the time of my life in Uppsala! Hopefully the weather there will be a bit better than here, I am starting to hate the rain etc!


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