Finally it's summer-time! But the way I am feeling is getting all messed up though. Wanting to leave vs. wanting to stay here: there really is a fierce battle going on in my life! There is only one way to solve this: getting fysically really exhausted. Thursday I went for my first powertraining with my new team and the conclusion is: really good mates, powertraining is killing me. So I also often go out for a nice bike ride and so on..

Today I probably did visit Leuven for the last time until January or so. It really was a great day. I did find a picture of all my student mates (it is half of 2nd bachelor Economics at the KUL), finally. I will miss you guys! In 11 days I will be shouting: "Uppsala, here I come!", but not to loud, I really don't want to wake up the entire neighbourhood at around 4 am.


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