Finally an update

Right now I will post at least once a week something on my blog. Sorry guys, but I really didn't find the time to post something lately. What's been up then for the last couple of weeks: school is still busy, a lot of courses going on so it's getting time to get in a higher gear at study level.

My friends back home are right now getting back to university as well, so I had a quite difficult time because I do miss them a bit. But after all: Uppsala and Sweden in general are so amazing! Right now fall is setting in so the landscape is changing, making the view even more beautiful than it already was!

I already made an amazing trip as well: visiting Tallinn, Estonia! I have only been there for 6 hours, badly enough, but it was really worth the time spent on the ferry (about 35 hours in total...).I also met some amazing crazy Swedish army guys there and a good Estonian dancer, which made the trip home even better than the away trip.

I might go back to Tallinn in the beginning of November and I am getting quite excited about December: Russia Road Trip! I just want to do so much and I am already sure of one thing: I will be back in Uppsala!!

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