Snerikes nation...

Oh my god! After our first night with freezing temperatures, it was even freezing when I departed for my lecture around 8.45 am, we have a rainy day! I didn't see rain for about 3 weeks but I absolutely didn't miss it at all!

Okay: this are enough complaints for now. Yesterday was another typical Snerikes night: waiting a little bit to get inside, luckily that we were so early. We learnt our lesson a couple of weeks ago when we arrived around 10 pm: waiting for 1h30 to get inside. And every nation closes at 1 am so we didn't have a lot of party-time going on then.

But yesterday was amazing again: dancing a lot, drinking a bit and afterwards a little afterparty as always. Tomorrow evening we are going out to Stockholms nation with the complete 3th and 7th floor of building 4. So it will be fun again.

Tomorrow I also have my first lecture in Econometrics, I am quite curious about it since it will be my first lecture in English here in Uppsala. Hopefully is the prof's English understandable.

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